Thoughts on Myles Garrett / Mason Rudolph


So Garrett fucked up royally, he could have really hurt Rudolph badly.  But Rudolph is not innocent here, Rudolph instigated the whole thing.  Yes, it doesn’t justify Garrett swinging a helmet at his head when he is helmetless, but Rudolph started it.

Rudolph was probably pissed off, his team was playing like shit, they were getting their asses kicked, he was playing like shit.  Maybe Garrett was a little aggressive in his tackle of Rudolph, it didn’t seem that terrible to me.

Rudolph tries to tear Garrett’s helmet off, so Garrett does him one better and rips his helmet off.  Now Garrett is then being pushed back by the Steeler’s lineman, and obviously they are going to protect their QB.

But then Rudolph stands up and starts going after Garrett again.  And then Garrett starts swinging the helmet like a madman.  But it’s football, these defensive lineman are animals, who knows what these guys are going to do.  They could beat the shit out of 99% of the world’s population, and you (Rudolph) are going to go after a guy like that?  It’s just asinine.

I am in now way defending what Garrett did, it was terrible, deplorable, he should be suspended for the rest of the year and maybe a few games next year.  Is he going to be banned for life? No.

But everybody (the media, fans) jumping off the deep end right away and just attacking Garrett  for doing it.  Yes Garrett fucked up, he did something terrible.  But Rudolph absolutely deserves a suspension of at least a game, he’s the one that instigated the entire situation.

But there is this group think in the media, and everyone has to have the same thought it seems.  No one has a differing opinion sometimes, you just see everyone (the media, fans) going after Garrett.

Look at the entirety of the situation.  Football is being played, it’s a defensive lineman that was instigated.  Again, Garrett messed up, he should pay for it, but Rudolph is not innocent here and he needs to pay too.

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