Thoughts on the Astros #trashstros


The lovely Astros…

I was a big supporter of the Astros for years, I liked how they basically built their organization from the bottom up, figured it out and won the World Series in 2017, great story.

And then you get the shit that happened this year before the World Series with the Assistant GM (Brandon Taubman) barking at female reporters about Roberto Osuna.

And then the Astros’ organization response to the reporter (Stephanie Apstein) claiming what happened and basically calling her a liar.  They backed Taubman blindly without an investigation.  The guy fucked up and you didn’t even investigate the situation because you wanted to believe that he was innocent.

My assumption is that they were on Cloud 9 after just making another World Series thinking that they could do no wrong.  I was so happy that they lost the Series, not one part of me wanted them to win at all, was hoping that they would get swept after going down 2-0 at home.

Now you have these reports of cheating and using technology to tip pitches, signaling by banging on garbage cans.  And the evidence is overwhelming now, videos are being published, Jomboy did his breakdown.  There is also evidence in the audio data.  The home and away splits.

Cheating has always been a part of baseball and will always be a part of baseball.  Teams are going to do anything they can to win.  This to me is egregious though, I am so happy they are being caught.

I hope the Astros are screwed for years now, they should be completely fucked.

Another thing about the Astros, Altuve is a good story, I like Altuve.  I also like Yordan Alvarez, even though he didn’t even show up in the playoffs.

I can’t stand Bregman, I think he is a prick.  The whole carrying the bat to first base?!  What a fucking moron, what could make you think you could do something like that you dumb shit?

But we will see what punishment the MLB levees, it should be swift, it should be hard hitting, it should effect them in the win column immediately in my opinion.  There needs to be some serious repercussions.

Yeah you can’t take the 2017 World Series away, but that title will always have an asterisk attached.  This whole run that they’ve been on will have an asterisk attached.

But I can’t stand the Astros, I can’t stand the fans that are coming to their defense and just not accepting the fact that they cheated, it’s obvious, this happened, don’t be dipshits.

Anyway, good luck cheering for those guys for the next few years.


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